Nourishment for the Soul

Indian Carnatic Music and It's Therapeutic Effects.

For the longest time I have always wanted to write something about this topic so finally here it is. It's not going to be comprehensive and I do know I can't do it justice but I guess there is no harm in sharing some key applicable ideas. I do hope you can take time to sit back and immerse yourself into the audioscapes I am sharing with you

Can music really heal? Does it have scientifically proven medical benefits? Can it honestly alter a state of consciousness. In this post I would like to introduce everyone to the some selected Indian Carnatic Music and share their brief benefits. I

I am sure many of us would have heard of the Mozart Effect and if you have not don't worry you can catch up here.

It is a phenomena where people exposed to selected Mozart's compositions performed better at mathematical and spatial tasks for approximately 20 mins afterwards. From what I have studied Mozart was an exceptionally gifted person and had a fantastic ability to improvise. I presume this could have been how he perceived music. Patterns and form rather than just audio frequencies that sound dainty
 I have been an avid user of selected musical pieces to vary my mood and thoughts (I actually wanted to type consciousness but was wondering if that was appropriate... but you know what I mean right? )

Here is another interesting link to the Mozart effect

William Congreve 
"Musick has Charms to sooth a savage Breast,
To soften Rocks, or bend a knotted Oak...." speaks a mourning Almeria in the Act 1 of scene 1 of William Congreve's play the Mourning Bride. Written in 1697.

(Btw Quotation aficionados choke when ever this quote is attributed to Shakespeare. Yes Mr Shakey did "borrow" a lot of stuff but he did not "rip" this one of Mr Congreve )

So music has the power to Soften Rocks and Bend a Knotted Oak ? Sounds pretty impressive.
I am sure if you researched thoroughly (to be read as "google" for a few hours) you will find loads of information describing the immense power of music and its effects on the human soul, spirit and mind.


Kakarla Tyagabrahmam
This is a picture of a very famous Carnatic Composer. He is native Telugu (which is a large indian dialect group) who composed many songs both in Telugu and in Tamil. 

Here is a list of Carnatic Songs with a youtube url your healing and relaxation.

1. Raga Madhyamavati : Helps to Clear  paralysis, giddiness, pain in legs/hands, etc. and nervous complaints                                                                    

2. Raga Amrutavarshini – Aids in relieving diseases related to heat

3. Raga Reethigowla- This is a great raga that helps you gain  direction when you are one seeking it. Think of this as a pathfinder raga. 

4.Kafi Raga  – Creates a cool, soothing and deep mood and moistness

5. Raga Bageshri  – It helps to  arouse a sense of darkness, stability, depths and calmness. This raga has  also used in treatment of hypertension and diabetic related ailments

6.Raga Pooriya Dhansari or Puriyadhanasri i (aka Hamsanandi-Kamavardini ) –  This raga evokes sweet, deep, heavy, cloudy and stable state of mind and prevents acidity.

7. Raga Mishra Mand –One of my favorites.It has a rather  refreshing, light and sweetness to it.

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