Tuesday 27 November 2012

The most awesome work in the world.

Teaching is THE most AWESOME job in the entire world.
I'm not going to wait for an official "Teacher's Day" to acknowledge the impact you have in many of us. You are angels who change our lives with Sneaky smiles, rigged class tests where you "revise" the questions to boost our confidence and paint a better tom with your kind words at the end of our essays and assignments.
What you do everyday is tiring and often unaffirmed. Press on I say. Keep pushing us. Fuel the faith in yourself that you do make a difference. A massive difference. Scold us, punish us, persuade us but never forsake us. You have allowed children and others who seek to learn to unravel and discover the world and it's infinite mysteries, and in that perhaps they find greater meaning in living. Teachers thank you thank you thank you for being best salespeople in Hope.. Without you we would not have had the courage to dream! -Ramesh.

Friday 3 August 2012


every minute of everyday you have a choice as to how that moment pasess. Time is a powerful asset. so we must.... No I am not going to preach of the importance of being hyper productive and be go go go getter. Nope. Take time to just sit with what is present. Resist the uerge to solve or plan. Definitely there is great value in investing your time in those types of tasks to help us move closer to our goals. But would you also agree with me when I say that there is also time for consolidating what has happened. Time to perhaps savour a thought and reflect. These tasks may not be seen by the industrious busy bees of our society as useful activities. However, Mr or Ms busy bee who has been speed reading this post there is one Massive selling point in just taking time to sit and relax. It calms your mind and gives you an awesome clarity. The kind of clarity that allows your deeper genius to speak to you. So here is an image I would like you to focus on for next minute. The gentle movement of a prIstIne raIndrop resting on a broad green leaf glistening in the rays of the morning tangerine sun.

Friday 20 July 2012

Inner Arts and Rejuvenation July 2012 National University of Singapore

Dear friends from Inner Arts workshop!

Thank you for being open and doing the exercises wholeheartedly.
I wish all of you all the best in your personal journey towards discovering your True talents.

Remember to reduce the Drama of the Ego!

Friday 29 June 2012

Emotional Intelligence for Organisational Excellence for Toyota

Dear Friends from Toyota!

I hope you had a useful learning journey during the EI program.

Do remember that we bring passion into an occupation and usually not the other way around.

Emotional Intelligence for Organisational Excellence
29th June 2012 Toyota (Singpaore)

Thursday 31 May 2012

Emotional Intelligence 30th and 31st May ST Electronics

Dear Insanely passionate friends from ST Electronics

I certainly had a blast working with you guys during the EQ program.

Do remember this...

"A happy man lives in a happy world
An angry man lives in an angry world"

Ramesh. <

Thursday 10 May 2012

Today I was hurt...

This is where I grew up. 

These are some thoughts I put on my faceback which I wanted to port over into this blog because this is a pressing issue in my mind. 

1. Something hurt me today. Was in a conference and there was this person from overseas who was chatting with me. In the dialogue he asked where am I from and and to that I said Singapore. With a puzzled look he asked another question. "No I mean your country of ORIGIN" After I recoiled from that flabbergasting moment I took a deep breath and said firmly, " I am born here. and I am Singaporean. My grandmother was originally from India"

2.Personally I think we cannot and must not let our Singaporean identity disappear. We are truly a unique group of people.

3. Personally lots of first and second generation Singaporeans feel so deeply emotional about this issue in my opinion because it rocks our identity. Yes perhaps it has come of age that as a tiny nation state we need to reinvent our selves to answer gravely pressing economic challenges of being competitively priced and attracting hot money HOWEVER we cannot move forward without a new common identity. It only hurts because we care. Forget who are and we will live to remember the era where Singapore lost her soul.

the one thing people can never take away from us... is eating roti prata with fish curry accompanied with hot fragrant teh tarik next to others enjoying themselves with their family and friends. I have no particular gripes with our friends from overseas other than the fact that be respectful of our culture and if you didn't plan to stay here for long or integrate with the rest us please move to Pulau Senang where you can help our airforce improve their marksmanship. In the bigger picture what can we Nasi Lemak, Roti Prata, Chicken Rice loving Milo Dinosaur gulping Original Singaporeans do? Immortalise our heritage thru instruments of the Arts. It's a call for action not a situation to sit down and lament our woes. Get Arty. Tell Your Story. Fill today with our Feelings of Our History.

Tuesday 3 April 2012

Create Winning Speeches!

Hi Friends!

Here is a video of the slides. It's really fast so I suggest you pause it and move the slider at your own pace.


Keep it going comrades!

love ram!

Friday 30 March 2012

Emotional Intelligence for Organisational Intelligence

29th and 30th  March 2012 -

Hi Friends!

I hope you enjoyed your two day session at the EI for Organisational Excellence Program. It was a honor to serve all of you. Do remember to F.G.I.O !

Till we meet again, take care and all the best in your Journey!


Thursday 8 March 2012

Inner Arts and Rejuvenation 7th and 8th March 2012

Hi Guys,

This was truly a wonderful experience for me. Patience came up as a theme for all of us... so let us do our best to practice mindfulness in our Body, Breathe and Mind.

You are created in greatness.