Tuesday 27 November 2012

The most awesome work in the world.

Teaching is THE most AWESOME job in the entire world.
I'm not going to wait for an official "Teacher's Day" to acknowledge the impact you have in many of us. You are angels who change our lives with Sneaky smiles, rigged class tests where you "revise" the questions to boost our confidence and paint a better tom with your kind words at the end of our essays and assignments.
What you do everyday is tiring and often unaffirmed. Press on I say. Keep pushing us. Fuel the faith in yourself that you do make a difference. A massive difference. Scold us, punish us, persuade us but never forsake us. You have allowed children and others who seek to learn to unravel and discover the world and it's infinite mysteries, and in that perhaps they find greater meaning in living. Teachers thank you thank you thank you for being best salespeople in Hope.. Without you we would not have had the courage to dream! -Ramesh.

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