Friday 3 August 2012


every minute of everyday you have a choice as to how that moment pasess. Time is a powerful asset. so we must.... No I am not going to preach of the importance of being hyper productive and be go go go getter. Nope. Take time to just sit with what is present. Resist the uerge to solve or plan. Definitely there is great value in investing your time in those types of tasks to help us move closer to our goals. But would you also agree with me when I say that there is also time for consolidating what has happened. Time to perhaps savour a thought and reflect. These tasks may not be seen by the industrious busy bees of our society as useful activities. However, Mr or Ms busy bee who has been speed reading this post there is one Massive selling point in just taking time to sit and relax. It calms your mind and gives you an awesome clarity. The kind of clarity that allows your deeper genius to speak to you. So here is an image I would like you to focus on for next minute. The gentle movement of a prIstIne raIndrop resting on a broad green leaf glistening in the rays of the morning tangerine sun.

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